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Pac/Ms. Pac Board Repairs & Pinball Board Repairs!  $90/plus Parts & Shipping.    Call us at (830) 598-2694 for Quality Arcade Products and Services and/ or Browse Our Store!

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Bally/Williams Board Repair !


Pinball Board Repair - with Free Estimates!  All Williams, Bally, Stern and Data East Games!  Repair Prices run at $90.00 Flat Rate Plus Parts / $25 Return Shipping fee for both Repaired or Returned Non-Repaired Boards.

Call us at 830-598-2694, or Email us!

Pac-Man / Ms. Pac-Man Factory-Grade Repair Service !

Pac-Man & Ms. Pac-Man Boards Serviced at $90 labor Plus Parts - $25 Return Shipping!

Pac-Man & Ms. Pac-Man Board Repair:  $90 Labor, Plus Parts / $25 Return Shipping fee (for both Repaired and Evaluated Boards).  All Work is Guaranteed!  If you have a need for your Pac/Ms. Pac Video Game Board serviced, please call us right away !  Estimates are ALWAYS Free !

Always Expect The Best !


38+ Years of Experience in the Amusement Machine Industry!  We want your machines to work and look as excellent as possible!  House Calls can be made available to look at your machine, within a 2 hour radius of Our Location.  See Page 3 of our site here for more information.

Our Repair Services !

Have a Q.? Call Us !


If you have an issue with your game or board, and need to speak to us, you may call up until 10 PM CST.   We are here for you !     If it's a need we can't fulfill, we will try to accommodate you in every way possible.  

(830) 598-2694         8AM-10PM CST

          Monday through Saturday

Game Board Repair


We repair most makes of Pinball Boards, and Pac/Ms. Pac-Man circuit boards too!    Please call if you have any corrosion on your board before sending it in.  Thanks for your co-operation!

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We give you 100% of our effort each and every time!  Thank you for choosing us, and have a great day!

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What We Do:

We offer Repair Services on most major Pinball Boards, and offer surplus board stock and an assortment of other game parts and miscellaneous items.   Have a need?  Don't Panic and call us right away!

Send Us Your Board!

If you'd like us to fix up your board, send it to us right away!  Our address is at the top of our Web Page.  Rates run at $90.00 Flat Rate Plus Parts and a $25 Return Shipping Charge.  Estimates are free but shipping back is on you.  Thank you! 

Our Contact Information:

Don't hesitate to contact us for any of your needs immediately!

Game Boards USA

*830* 598-2694

Our Business is You!

Whether it be a simple question, technical or otherwise, or a more in-depth pursuit of something in the Field, please don't hesitate to ask!  We are here to help you!

Note on Shipping of Glass Items - Please Read.

We pack our Replacement Glass pieces thoroughly and with foam protection inside to make sure you get it in one piece.  This accounts for the extra money in Shipping Cost on those items.  Thank you for your understanding.

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Please do not hesitate to Call or Email if you have any questions or comments!  Thank you for visiting our Website!  See our Sister Web Site at !!  An alternate Email address for us is:  Thank you!