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Welcome to the Pinball and Stereo Repair site.  Please take a moment to read about our Mobile Repair Service!

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-Our Service Coverage Area ranges from San Antonio to Temple and most of Central Texas!   Call us today for an appointment!

We Service All Games !

Funhouse High Speed Eight Ball Deluxe Black Knight Williams Bally Pinball  Game Repair & Board Repai

We specialize in Vintage Games (1975-1990) but can repair most makes and models of Amusement Machines.  Our Board Shop covers more of the current boards found in today's games.

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Call us today!   (830) 598-2694 or Email us at, or us here at .  Our phone is a Land Line - no texts.  Thank you.

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Evaluation Visit:

Pinball and Video Game Evaluation

Our Evaluation Call is $100; if over 60 miles it increases to $150.  This includes one hour of service if just a minor problem exists.

Service Rate for House Calls:

Texas Service Call  Pinball Service Call

Our Home Service Calls run at $100 per hour, one hour minimum, billed in one-hour increments.  We do not charge for Travel Time.  Parts are extra, of course.

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Please feel free to call us about any game you would like to have Serviced, or if you have any questions whatsoever about our Services.  Thank you for choosing us!   (830) 598-2694  It's our Office Land Line - call 'til 10PM!

Our History:

Pac-Man Circuit Board Repair, Video Game Board Repair, Mobile Service Call, Game Service

In The Beginning:

Back in January of 1981, we began our Amusement Machine Route for 10 years, and picked up a lot along the way.  We still have a few of our original Route Games in our collection!  We have made many contacts in the Industry, both repair techs and Distributor Repair Centers over the years.

Pac-Man #8385 was our first Video Game purchased for location back in March of 1981.  We will try and get a good picture of it for the website soon - that one is NOT it !  lol

Vintage Pinball Repair in Austin Texas area & Video Game / Arcade Game repair

What Came Next:

After college and a Telecom Bench Repair job to help with the bills in the early 2000's - in 2013 I started my Pinball and Stereo Repair website. (we need to ditch the Stereo reference - was no real need there)  Have been combing the Texas countryside doing all kinds of Repairs on games:  Replacing corroded MPU boards, Shop-Out cleanings on a lot of pinball machines, Monitor Installs and the like, and even had one old Gottlieb 70's style single player game that had the Head broken off !   We got it fixed perfectly as the pedestal is what had broken.  The Customer was quite happy!  We were glad to have served his needs well.

We are not afraid to tackle almost ANY job !

Two Bit Score , Two-Bit Score Inc.,,,  Repair Service

2017 to Today:

When Two-Bit Score in Austin, Texas, closed, we acquired their Test Fixtures for most all Pinball Boards, and re-opened the Board Shop here.  We continue on with the fine tradition of the Repair of Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and the Popular Makes of Pinball Boards, from 1977 through the Whitestar system.  Our Online store is here, with many parts & supplies from the Two Bits catalog, as well as the Board Shop.  As mentioned we do Service Calls in our area, too, so most of the time we stay busy.  Service calls are scheduled first to last and Board Repairs are done (almost always) in the order that they are received.  Our Customers are Everything to us! - let us know how we can help you today!  (830) 598-2694 - Call Now!